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Where to watch birds in the Camargue Regional Nature Park ?

The Camargue is made up of a number of private estates which are not always open to the general public. To help you to enjoy your birdwatching experience in the best possible conditions, we’ve put together this booklet describing a number of the best observation sites and their different approaches for observing birds :
trails with free access on sites of low sensitivity
• trails with purpose built hides on sites of special interest
guided tours on highly sensitive and protected sites

We wish you a very enjoyable stay in the Camargue and hope you make the most of your time here. Please keep in mind that it’s the responsibility of each and every one of us to safeguard the area’s natural beauty.

Articles about birdwatching in Camargue

The Flamingo, the Camargue's most emblematic bird 

This spectacularly coloured, long-legged, waterbird has probably inhabited the southern Camargue ever since its existence, but it wasn’t until the 20th century, with the start of interest in environmental issues, that biologists took an interest in them…


Winter in Camargue and its clouds of anatidae

Whilst best known for Greater flamingo, the Camargue is also one of Europe’s major overwintering grounds for a dozen or so species of anatidae. Come November,....


Reedbeds a major habitat for birds in the Camargue  

A nature trail on the Rousty estate crosses typical Camargue landscape before arriving at an important reedbed with abundant wildlife. The Bearded reedling can be seen throughout the year and...


Books of Parcs Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

The Regional Natural Parks are wonderful areas for outdoor activities. There are iconic sites
and exceptional landscapes, miles of paths, hiking tours, educational trails, birdwatching sites…
all waiting for you to discover them. Together with various partners, the Parks have set up a
multitude of exploration activities and open-air sports… for all kinds of users.

Download "books of Parcs"


A booklet to find an accomodation, activities, local products with professionals committed to sustainable tourism in the Camargue Regional Nature Park

An alternative tourism arises in the Camargue Regional Nature Park... with a network of 20  professionals committed to sustainable tourism : Accomodations , Discovery of the natural and cultural Heritage. Outdoor ActivityLocal products Gastronomy

Trekking in the Camargue Regional Nature Park, 14 tours to discover the Regional Nature Park

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